Questions and Answers



Question: Who decides if a trip is to be canceled?

Answer: The Captain is the only one to cancel a trip.


How do I know if my trip has been canceled?

Answer: The captain will contact you by Email, and he will post it on the our Update Page if a trip is canceled.


Question: How do I purchase my tickets?

Answer: tickets are purchased online only.


Question: Can I make a phone reservation?

Answer: We do not take reservations by phone for any of our trips.


Question: Do you offer a group discount?

Answer: Due to Covid-19, we have suspended our group discount.


Question: How do I cancel my trip?

Answer: Contact us by calling (516) 623-5823 or by Email [email protected]


Question: Can I get a refund?

Answer: please check our refund policy.


Question: What the best way to contact us?

Answer: Call (516) 623-5823 during business hours or by emailing [email protected] 


Question: I went to Groupon and cant find tickets?

Answer: Due to limited room on each trip we have suspended  our 2021 Groupon special.